Hi and Thanks for viewing my website!

A little about me and why I am GOOD at what I do.

I am  60 years old. I was married once but have been divorced for 23 years with no children. My dad passed away in 2005 and my mom recently passed July 2012 and not any true friends, so my life is pretty much devoted to the business.

I started cleaning floors when I was in high school at a store called Sav Mart (if you remember Sav Mart like me on my facebook page DirtNappers  Cleaning) then I worked at a scrap yard in E. St. Louis, and some reason kept going back to cleaning. Then I started my own business but stopped to drive over the road for a while. I would consider going over the road again, but back then I wasn't settled and sold my first house, but now I own this house which is free and clear and the business which I worked hard to build. I enjoy doing and making the people that I work for happy.  I have had other jobs but always went back to cleaning floors, carpets and windows!

It is nice when you can see the results of your work and get compliments! I guess this is my calling, so here I am to stay. I have been cleaning commercial, and residential since the first time I went into business. I do everything possible to make the job the way you like it clean, shining, and healthy. I get most spots out with my regular cleaning solutions but have other sources for stubborn stains. There very few stains that won't come out. I am prompt, courtesy, and honest and do the work myself. I may have help but I am there to see the job is done right and there are no problems.

My company is bonded and insured. So, call me for best prices, best work, for cleanest carpet, and hardwood floors.